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We at Cab Tours Belfast started out as four drivers. We grew up on different sides of the political divide in Belfast. And noticed that taxi tours in Belfast weren’t able to provide an unbiased tour of the history of the murals. As we were from different backgrounds we were able to create the best black taxi tour in Belfast. Our taxi tours have been running for over 15 years. So, we know what we are doing when it comes to Belfast black taxi tours.

black taxi tour of Belfast

Our drivers & tour guides are ideal to explain the history and politics of the Belfast Murals on our tour. As they experienced living through The Troubles. The black taxi tour will explain both sides of the conflict and their murals, showing the complex history of Belfast. Our drivers who not only drive you around but act as your tour guide are knowledgeable and incredibly friendly. You can ask them about their experiences in Belfast. Not only about its history but also about how the city has changed. You may even find out where else is good to visit on your taxi tour in Belfast.

Our Giants Causeway Tour is another great example of our dedication to the providing the best taxi tours in Belfast. This lovely trip up the coast in our luxury vehicles includes 6 stops. These include Bushmills Distillery, The Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, Dunluce Castle, The Dark Hedges (as seen in Game of Thrones), and the iconic Giants Causeway.

Cab Tours Belfast Now

We now employ 17 drivers, who all grew up in Belfast on either side of the political divide. These 17 drivers all drive a black taxi tour in Belfast. We have run thousands of Belfast Tours and over hundreds of taxi tours to the Giants Causeway, letting people see the beautiful Antrim Coast. We have great links with tourism in Belfast and Northern Ireland. Due to these links we have built up, we are able to offer discounted entry into Crumlin Road Jail. A prison used during The Troubles, on our Belfast Murals Combo Tour. All our tours can be booked in advance through our website. There you will set your pick up destination and make us aware of any accessibility needs you may have.

Private Hire Service

We also offer chauffer services for our vehicles and their drivers, allowing you the option to traverse Belfast in comfort. We offer a range of services including shopping tours in Belfast, golf transportation, VIP transport, airport transfers, and more. Including anywhere else you don’t want to miss on your trip. Leather seating, AC adapters, complimentary water, and personalized service await you in our private hire fleet. Private hire vehicles we offer include the famous taxi used in our black taxi tours, 7-seater or 4-seater Mercedes’ (Viano & S-Class), and 8-seater Volkswagen Transporters.

Kick back and relax as we escort you to every one of the must-see sights around Belfast. As well as the Antrim Coast on our tours or through our chauffer services.

Showing you the Murals on the Best Black Taxi Tour in Belfast

The Belfast Murals Tour

Why the Black Taxi Tour?

The tour is taken by black taxi due to the role of black taxis as transport during The Troubles. In the past in Belfast these famous taxi cabs were used almost like a bus service. They were used by up to 5 strangers at once. These black taxis were used to get working class people from the Shankill and Falls Roads into the city center. They were hailed by simply putting out a thumb.

The black taxi divide

The Falls Road is Irish/Catholic and so all taxi drivers working on the Falls Road were Catholic. Similarly the Shankill Road being British/Protestant meant that all drivers on the Shankill Road were Protestant. This history of the black cab in Belfast shows how the conflict in Belfast affected every aspect of public life.

Black cabs are mainly used for tourism now and only a few black taxis work on the Falls Road today. No black taxis are on the Shankill Road now. These black taxi tours in Belfast are a great way to learn about the history from our drivers, see the sights, and experience a real part of the past. 


Our Belfast Murals Tour starts when you book it, with tours running from 8am – 5pm every day. Our tours last around 90 minutes. You will be picked up and dropped off at Belfast City Hall or Jury’s Inn Hotel. If you would prefer to be picked up or dropped off somewhere else in Belfast then you can request this. (for an additional fee). Our tours are also available for larger groups and are wheelchair friendly. Just contact us to arrange a tour to suit you.

Shankill Road

The tour will take you first to the Shankill road, this area is Protestant/British. Your driver will explain the history of the area and its links to the protestant side of the conflict. This history dates back to 1690 with William of Orange. With more recent history about The Troubles (1960’s-1990’s) also explained by our tour guides. A short walk around the area will allow you to take your own photographs of the murals.

Peace Walls

The second stop on your black taxi tour is the peace walls. The peace walls were designed to separate the Catholic (Nationalist) and Protestant (Unionist) populations in Belfast. The first ‘peace lines’ were erected, following the outbreak of violence in 1969 in Northern Ireland. These structures still split communities today even though they were initially meant to be a temporary measure for 6 months.

Falls Road

The third stop on the Belfast murals tour is the Falls road, this area is Catholic/Irish. While here you will visit Clonard Martyrs Memorial garden in Bombay Street on the black taxi tour. Bombay Street was a key starting point for The Troubles as Catholic residents were burned out of their homes there. One of the most iconic murals on the tour is the mural of Bobby Sands. Which stands at Sinn Fein’s press office on the Falls road. Here you will learn about Bobby Sands and his hunger strike action in the maze prison.

The International Wall

The final stop of the black taxi tour will be the International Wall. Here you will see a variety of different murals. The murals have a general theme of ‘highlighting oppression’. From the race riots in America in 1969 to current events in Palestine.

Crumlin Road Jail (Optional)

If you want more from your tour, you can book our combo tour which includes a tour of Crumlin Road Jail. This historic jail was the site of imprisonment and executions which took place during The Troubles. When you book with us you receive this five-star tour for a reduced rate.

Booking your Black Taxi Tour in Belfast

You can book one of our fantastic Belfast Mural Tours and the Crumlin Road Jail combination tour on our website. If you are here on a cruise you can also find booking information on our shore excursions. They pick you up directly from your cruise ship.

Some of the Murals You Will See

On the black taxi tour in Belfast you will see murals representing the unionist/loyalist and republican/nationalist sides of the conflict. As well as other murals on the International Wall.

Here are some examples of the murals you will see with black cab tours Belfast:

The Bobby Sands Mural

bobby sands mural

This is one of the best known murals in Belfast and depicts Bobby Sands. A hunger striker who died in the maze prison during The Troubles. This mural stands on the Falls Road where it was painted in 1998.

The King Billy Mural

king William mural

The King Billy Mural stands on the Protestant Shankill road in commemoration of King William of Orange. King William defeated the Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

Local Perspective

This tour of The Troubles in Belfast via murals is a great experience to hear about the countries history from the people who lived it. Our tour guides have also had 15 years of talking to locals on the tours. Gaining stories from their experiences as well. This black taxi tour gives you an experience of Belfast’s history you will never forget. And in a way you can’t get anywhere else.

Here’s a video about one tourists experience of learning about The Troubles in Belfast:

Taxi Tours Belfast to The Giants Causeway

A bit different to our Belfast Murals Tour, our Giants Causeway Tour from Belfast is a full day trip. You will be picked up at Jury’s Inn Hotel or at another location in Belfast (fees may apply). Then you will be taken up the Antrim Coast. Where the stunning scenery is just one wonder you will see on your tour. If the weather is warm you won’t be too hot in our vehicles as they come with AC as standard. And if it rains, complimentary ponchos are provided.

The day trip starts at 9am and you will be returned to Belfast at 4pm.



Following a beautiful coastal drive with stunning sea views you will arrive at your first stop. The Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. This first stop on the tour was home to 18th century fishermen. They first erected the rope bridge in 1755. This iconic landmark is a rope bridge suspended 100ft above sea level connecting the land to a small grassy platform. A simple fisherman’s cottage is the only building. The sea views and fresh air on this platform. As well as the great pictures of you tackling the bridge, are well worth facing the heights for. There is a small additional fee of £6 for the bridge.

Balintoy Harbour

The Second stop on the Giants Causeway Tour is Ballintoy harbour. A great photo opportunity for fans of the show Game of Thrones. This small fishing harbour was used as the set of the Iron Islands in Game of Thrones. It is also an interesting location for scenic photography. 

The Giants Causeway

Third stop on the tour is the iconic Giants Causeway, a beautiful natural formation of basalt columns. This site was declared a UNESCO world heritage site and is a must see when visiting Northern Ireland. Make sure to take lots of pictures of the stunning columns and the surrounding coastal views to commemorate your trip to this highlight of the tour. The formation of the Giants Causeway was a result of a volcanic eruption that took place 60 million years ago. The mythology of the site tells a more mystical story of the giant Finn McCool. You can hear the story of Finn McCool at the Giants Causeway visitor center.

Dunluce Castle

Next up of the Giants Causeway tour is Dunluce castle. This is another great stop for Game of Thrones fans, the setting for the House of Greyjoy. This 16th century medieval castle has an interesting history including the legend of being haunted by a banshee. And a tale about the entire kitchen and its staff falling off the cliffs and being plunged into the sea. Your visit might not be haunted but the scenery is hauntingly beautiful. You can walk around the ruins and imagine the castle as it once. Learn more was with help from the information center which has archeological exhibits for you to enjoy. Admission fees are £4.50 for adults and £3.50 for children.

Bushmills Distillery

Stop five on the tour is a trip to the Bushmills Distillery. Which you may have even noticed on some of our bank notes. Bushmills is the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery. Given permission to distil whiskey in 1609, Bushmills have been in business ever since. A whiskey tipple is a great idea, Especially if the weather is a cold on the Giants Causeway. Admission is £9 for adults and £5 for children. Inside you have a tour of the distillery and can learn about how they make the whiskey. You can even try some for yourself (if you are over 18).

The Dark Hedges

Following your stop at Bushmills the final stop on your Giants Causeway tour is The Dark Hedges. This beautiful archway crafted from trees grown into shape is a perfect spot to take photographs. Game of Thrones fans will recognise it as King’s Walk, and may want a commemorative photo. This avenue is made up of beech trees. It was originally created as an entrance way to a grand Georgian Mansion, called Gracehill House.

The Drive Home

Your tour ends with a peaceful drive back to Belfast with tones of new memories of your tour of the Giants Causeway and its surrounding landmarks. If there is enough time left on the tour our luxury taxis will bring you back via the coast. This gives you even more opportunities to appreciate beautiful coastal views. If the tour is short of time you will get back via a more direct route. Don’t worry, you will still be delivered back to Belfast on time.

The Giants Causeway Tour from Belfast can be booked on our website. Arrange for us to pick you up from Jury’s Inn Hotel, any Belfast city center hotel, or your cruise ship. If you want to be picked up somewhere else you can contact us. We can make arrangements to better suit your needs for an additional charge.

Taxi Cab Private Hire

Beyond just tours we offer a range of chauffer services through our private hire vehicles with driver. Avoid the stresses of public transport when exploring the city. Have one of our friendly and professional drivers to show you the way around Belfast. Whether in a black taxi or a luxury executive car you will get the best private taxi service in Belfast.

What we offer:

  • Airport Transfers
  • VIP and Executive Transport
  • Sightseeing Tours and Trips
  • Shopping Tours
  • Golf Transportation
  • Special Events Transport
  • Promotional Hire
  • ni black taxi tours

Our drivers are not only driving you around with skill. They are also acting as a tour guide to the city, giving you great company and advice for your trip. All our drivers are trained local guides that will show you the best Belfast has to offer. They will make sure you don’t miss any part of the Belfast experience. You can even make changes to your itinerary as you go, adding or changing stops to best suit your needs. Whether you are hitting the shops or travelling for work you can be sure we will get you there.

Airport Transfers

Make arriving in and leaving Belfast a breeze with our airport transfers which change when you need them to. If your flight time changes or your flight is cancelled, just let us know. We will be happy to pick you up once your flight is re-arranged. We cater to any Belfast, Dublin, or Derry airport to make sure you get where you need to be.

Our vehicles include:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • AC Plugs
  • Air Conditioning
  • Luxury Leather Reclining Seats
  • Front Facing and Conference Mode Seating
  • Umbrellas (as we know Belfast weather isn’t the best).
  • Complimentary bottled water and rain ponchos.

We are experienced in providing for VIP and executive clients. Our drivers are happy to chat but can also give you quiet to work or think if you need it. All our drivers have also signed Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect your privacy. So, you can speak freely in our vehicles and know your privacy is respected. If you need to work while in our vehicles our AC adaptors are perfect to charge your laptop or phone.  

Regardless of your trip, business or leisure our services are the best Belfast can provide for comfortable and reliable transport. You can enquire via our website and request a quote for the services you require, entirely tailored to your needs. You can also pay online or on the day in cash. Our 5-star private taxi hire services are perfect for your trip to Belfast.

Conclusion – The Best Black Taxi Tour in Belfast

We at Cab Tours Belfast started with the idea to provide the Best Black Taxi Tour in Belfast. Aiming to provide Belfast’s only unbiased Murals Tour influenced by our shared background from both sides of Belfast’s political/religious conflict. We have provided excellent and unbiased tours in Belfast for over 15 years now. We continue to pride ourselves on our service. Hear the stories of Belfast’s conflict referred to as The Troubles from our drivers who lived through it. Our black cab tour takes you through both Catholic/Irish areas and Protestant/British areas of West Belfast. Showing you the murals, the peace walls, and the international wall, giving a history that tells both sides.

Our Giants Causeway Tour gives you the opportunity to see outside of Belfast city and to the beautiful Antrim Coast. Where you can take in great sites such as Dunluce Castle and The Bushmills Distillery. Even if you book for our Private Hire services our drivers are all trained local guides. They will help you make the most of your time in Belfast. Discover a Belfast only known by the locals, see the sights, experience a black taxi tour, visit the Antrim Coast. All this and more with our private taxi services.


For booking the best black taxi tour in Belfast, be sure to check out and use the number 1 rated company by tripadvisors and all of our clients. Hope to see you soon!