LT COL Trevor James king 

Trevor was born on the 1st of July 1953 he joined the Ulster volunteer force in the early 1970s and he rose though the ranks to become a senior leader of the (uvf) Ulster volunteer force B company 1st battalion Trevor was shot as he stood on the Shankill road talking with 2 friends when the (INLA) Irish National Liberation Army drove past and open fire all 3 of the men died in that gun attack witch took place on the 16 June 1994 Trevor was on a life-support machine for 3 weeks before it was turned of on the 9 July 1994 this mural can be found at Disraeli street of the Shankill road.

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The Peace Wall in Belfast went up in 1969 as the troubles broke out between the the 2 communities the Catholic/Irish and the Protestant/British. The wall took 2 years to build and was to last for 6 months. On this wall there is 5 sets of gates that open and close, still to this day the gates open and close on a daily basis. This now has become a tourist attraction as people from all over the world come and leave their peace sayings, and some of those people were Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama and many others.

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  • The new wall mural on the Falls road
  • Is of Donald Trump and Theresa May with the message stop supplying arms to Saudi Arabia and the genocide of the Yemeni people this wall mural can be seen on our taxi tour

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This mural can be found on the  International Wall Falls Road Belfast

 Brendan ‘Darkie’ Hughes –.

The Dark Born:16.10.48 Died: 16.02.08 

(60 years old) Officer in Command- Belfast Brigade Provisional Irish Republican Army 

Brendan joined the IRA in 1969 believing he would be protecting his community from Loyalist mobs. These groups had been burning Catholic families from their homes. He did not trust the police to protect the Catholic families.  He became a very active member of the IRA. He was known to have carried out many attacks against the British Army.  In 1980 Hughes was imprisoned in Longkesh. Whilst in prison he started the first hunger strike for the IRA to be recognised as political prisoners. He thought he had secured a deal with the British Government only to be let down. Bobby Sands started the second hunger strike.   In the later years he became critical of Sinn Fein leadership. He believed Sinn Fein had moved away from helping the working class and turned their views towards middle class people. He believed that this was not what Sinn Fein stood for when he first joined the IRA.  To this day a lot of Republicans, young and old, still recognise the part Hughes played for the people of the Falls Road and for the fight for Irish unity for a United Ireland.

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David Ervine was born on the 21st July 1953, grew up in East Belfast and went to Orangefield High School. David left school at the age of 14 years old. At the age of 19 he joined the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) to defend the Protestant community. David was arrested in 1974, the car he was driving was a stolen car.There was five pounds of commercial explosives in the car he was remanded to Crumlin Road Gaol for 7 months. He was found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in the Maze Prison.When in prison he met a man called Gusty Spence. Gusty questioned  what his struggle was trying to get David to a different way of thinking. David turned his time to study and self-analysis through politics.He was released from prison in 1980. He stood in local council elections for the PUP (Progressive Unionist Party) and he was elected. David played a pivotal role in getting the Loyalist Ceasefire in 1994 David Died on 8th January 2007.

Some of the wall murals Mural, and many more,  on our Belfast Murals Taxi Tour.

  1.                 The King William mural is Located on shankill Parade .                                                                                                                                                    King William better known as prince William of orange .william came to Ireland to have a battle with the catholic king James William and his army landed at a place called Carrickfergus Castle they then made there way to the Battle of the Boyne just outside Dublin Were the battle took place William defeated James at that battle and ever from then Protestants celebrated as the 12th of July .
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The lower Shankill women’s group created the artwork. It replaced one of the old paramilitary murals and is a more positive mural than the one it replaced.The women that designed it got to put their sayings in the quilt, with the words, love, mum, hope, friend,powerful,grandmother,sister,honest,aunt,pride etc. The old mural that it replaced is now on a small picture to the left of this mural

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The Jackie Coulter mural is Located on Boundry way of the Shankill Road.

Jackie Coulter was born on the 22nd of May 1954. He was a father of 4 children and lived just off the Shankill Road. He was a member of the UDA (Ulster defence association) which was formed in 1972 also know as the Ulster freedom fighters. A loyalist Feud had broken out in the year 2000 and as a result of this Jackie was killed by the (UVF) Ulster Volunteer Force as he set in a car with his friend Bobby Mahood.

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The Bobby Sands Mural, is located- 49 Falls road, Belfast. (BT13 2QR)

Bobby Sands was born on 9th March 1954, in Belfast. He lived in Rathcoole. He went to a school called Stella Maris. He left school in 1969 at the age of 15. In 1972 Bobby’s parent’s home, where he lived, had been attacked by a Loyalist mob, as sectarian violence in Rathcoole and other parts of Belfast had considerably worsened. They then moved to West Belfast Twinbrook area, he joined the provisional IRA on his 18th birthday. Bobby was arrested in October 1972 with possession of handguns in the house, where he was staying and sentenced to 5 years in jail in 1973, and released on April 1976. When Bobby was released from prison, he resumed IRA activity and was arrested again in 1977, for possession of a gun and was sentenced to 14 years in Long Kesh (Maze Prison). In 1980 he was chosen as the officer, commanding the IRA in the jail. They wanted special category status, which led them refusing to wear a prison uniform, which now started what was known as the Blanket Protest, which then led to the no-wash protest, which then turned into the Hunger Strike. The 5 demands they wanted were:

  1. Not to wear a prison uniform.
  2. Not to do prison work
  3. Free association to mix with other prisoners.
  4. 1 visit. 1 letter. 1 parcel a week
  5. Restoration of remission lost through the protest

They wanted to be considered as political prisoners. When on the Hunger Strike a Member of the British Government, known as Frank Maguire, died on 5th March 1981. Which now led to a Bio Election, and Bobby Sands was the candidate selected and won the seat on the 9th April 1981, with 30,493 and became the youngest member of Parliament. Still in prison and on the Hunger Strike, Bobby died on 5th May 1981. Lasting 66 days. Another 9 men followed him. They are known as the 10 Irish Hunger Strikers

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