Cab Tours Belfast is committed to positively influencing tomorrow. To achieve this we are committed to being a sustainable organisation.

This includes

  • Being socially responsible
  • Minimising our environmental impact
  • Promoting a positive working environment

Although driven by a desire to be sustainable because it’s the right thing we also believe it will:

  • Bring competitive advantage as our customers and visitors as the increasingly prefer to do business with a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable company.
  • Help to attract and retain the best staff as employees look for the same commitments to social and environmental responsibility and a positive working environment will benefit our staff.

At Cab Tours Belfast we aim to:

  • Set objectives for promoting social responsibility, reducing environmental impact and creating a positive working environment through a sustainable strategy.
  • Promote social responsibility through commitment to our support of fair trade, charities and charitable work.
  • Record and monitor our environmental impact and publish this though our Breeam reports.
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues among suppliers, and actively encourage responsible environmental practice.
  • Reduce our impact by making efficient use of resources including energy and water, minimising waste and increasing recycling.
  • Provide a positive working environment for our staff.