Announcement Date: 1st March 2021

We here at Cab Tours Belfast would like to thank all our customers for their patience and cooperation during this difficult time. It is a difficult time for the tourism industry as COVID 19 has impacted the world in ways none could have thought. Taking the smallest things for granted is something that will not be done when this pandemic passes us. That is why Cab Tours Belfast has been busy at work to make sure that when you want to enjoy the small and big things, we will be there to help you!

What have we done since lockdown?

During our time in ‘lockdown’ we have taken the time to complete an impeccable clean of our vehicles. We sterilised every seat, floor, and railing that our passengers could encounter. This is being done daily. Risk assessments have been carried out and updated regularly so we are in line with local regulations.

Our offices have also had a deep clean so when it is time, our colleagues can come into help with your inquiries in a safe, sterile environment.

We have been keeping up to date with all recent advice and changes to help stop the spread of COVID 19. Therefore, we will be implementing changes for when we are ready to show you Belfast once more.

To combat the spread of COVID 19, we will be implementing the following:

Social distancing measures will be implemented between our drivers/guides and passengers to ensure that you are safe whilst visiting Belfast.

We will be providing liquid hand sanitizer for passengers as they enter and exit our vehicles. Our vehicles are being cleaned daily to help stop the spread. Our colleagues will wash their hands every time before they board a vehicle. Masks will be providing when joining our tour.

Cancellation policy update

During this difficult time, we understand that a lot of our customers are disappointed that they cannot make their trip to Belfast. Refunds and changes of dates are being made daily. We know many are planning trips for when this is over, so we have made changes to our cancellation policy. We are now implementing free cancellations on bookings up to 72 hours before the departure date. We are also offering to change the date of your tour if your trip has been impacted by the virus.

We hope that this information puts your mind at ease, and we hope to see you soon in Belfast! We will all come out stronger after this and will enjoy life to its fullest! We thank our customers for their support and understanding during this uncertain time. A last thank you to our staff who are working so hard to make sure that we are ready to go once this is all over.

For links related to COVID 19, please see below:

We look forward to seeing you all soon!