Jackie Coulter Mural Belfast

Location of Jackie Coulter Mural: 31 Boundary Way, Lower Shankill, Belfast. The mural is painted on the gable end of a house.

Jackie Coulter Mural Background

This Belfast mural was painted to commemorate the life and death of Jackie Counter a loyalist paramilitary from Belfast. He held the rank of lieutenant in the Ulster Defence Association (UDA). And was shot and killed by the rival loyalist paramilitary organisation. The Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) killed Coulter in August 2000, because of a loyalist feud.

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Coulter was married with 4 child. He was 46 years old when he died.

Who was Jackie Coulter and what was his story?

Jackie Coulter was born on the 22nd of May 1954. Coulter, a Protestant, was a native of the loyalist Shankhill Road area of Belfast. He joined the UDA (Ulster Defence Association) as a member of the West Belfast Brigade. He grew within the organisation acquiring the rank of Lieutenant, and was recognised as the commander of “C3A Commandos”, a unit of C Company. Coulter was considered a close friend and ally of UDA brigadier and leading loyalist Johnny Adair.

Jackie Coulter was murdered by gunshot on the 21st August 2020, as a result of a loyalist feud. Parked in a Land Rover Discovery outside a bookmakers on the Crumlin Road with former UVF member Bobby Mahood. The pair were killed by UVF gunmen. The target of the attack had actually been Jackie Mahood. A leading figure in the Belfast LVF (Loyalist Volunteer Force) , with the gunmen mistaking Bobby Mahood for his brother.

The UDA later avenged Coulter’s death by killing 22 year old UVF member Sam Rocket. At his girlfriend’s home at Summer Street in the Oldpark Road area of Belfast. The loyalist feud continued on with more killings carried on until it ended in November 2000.

Before Coulter’s death, tension between the two main loyalist paramilitary had been building. The cause of the feud was attributed to the actions of Johnny Adair and his alliance with the dissident loyalist faction the (LVF).The UVF had a tense relationship with the LVF since its formation as a breakaway group from the UVF led by billy wright.

Jackie Coulter had played no part in any of the violence as by that point his only real involvement in loyalism was working on behalf of the welfare of UDA prisoners

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Coulter was buried in Roselawn Cemetery where a UDA statement expressing “disgust at the cowardly and brutal murder” was read out at his funeral.

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