SS Nomadic

Experience the Restored Glory of the RMS Titanic’s Tender Ship

Embark on a captivating journey through history as you step aboard the SS Nomadic, the last remaining vessel from the White Star Line and the tender ship of the RMS Titanic. Meticulously restored to its original splendor, this iconic ship offers a remarkable glimpse into over 100 years of authentic maritime and social history.

The SS Nomadic is renowned for its role in the Titanic story, where it ferried first and second-class passengers to the ill-fated ocean liner from Cherbourg. However, this is just the beginning of its extraordinary journey spanning a century. Now restored to its 1911 glory and proudly back home in Belfast, where it was designed and built, a visit to the SS Nomadic and Hamilton Dock is an immersive experience that combines the ship’s authentic heritage and atmosphere with the captivating stories of its passengers and the dramatic ups and downs of its career.

Spread across four decks, a visit to the Nomadic allows you to relive the experience of boarding the Titanic on its ill-fated maiden voyage. Marvel at the intricate details and experience the contrasting environments of the separated class areas on board, giving you a firsthand understanding of what it was like to be a passenger on this historic ship.

Tickets to explore the SS Nomadic can be conveniently purchased as part of the Titanic Experience ticket from Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the restored grandeur of the RMS Titanic’s tender ship and delve into its captivating history.